As an industry it is time to unite and just say NO to pesky mobile overlays and disruption! Grabbing the attention of consumers is no easy task when faced with issues like ad blocking, viewability and smaller mobile screens. It’s important now more than ever for marketers and publishers to explore better ways to engage their audiences without disrupting the user experience. So what’s next in mobile advertising?

PadSquad partnered with the IAB and Celtra to put an innovative new mobile ad format to the test. Meet the interscroller. It’s user-friendly inline delivery within the mobile content stream is user-controlled with a natural swipe gesture for polite reveal and dismissal. This premium emerging ad format provides an ideal full screen canvas perfect for high-impact brand storytelling without compromising the overall UX.

PadSquad, which supports Celtra’s interscroller format at scale across premium publisher properties, built an interscroller ad using Schick Hydo Razor creative, as well as an equivalent expandable 320×50 banner, to use as a baseline for comparison.

The Results?

The interscroller boosted awareness, ad recall, and purchase intent, outperforming the standard expandable banner in nearly every category. Equally importantly, the mobile audience loved it. Respondents viewed the interscroller execution as less invasive, more distinctive and enjoyable!

Some particular highlights of how the interscroller performed relative to the standard expandable banner:

  • Boosted aided category awareness by almost 26 percent (56% versus 30%).
  • Increased ad awareness by almost 10 percent (46% versus 37%).
  • People who saw it were seventeen percent more likely to perceive the ad as “distinctive” (67% versus 50%).
  • And they were also thirteen percent more likely to say they enjoyed the ad (45% versus 32%).

Want to learn more?

Download the full study here

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