Last week, I had the chance to speak with Alan Wolk for his Forbes piece, “Creativity Matters on Mobile Too,” where we discussed how TV has benefitted from PadSquad’s mobile rich media advertising.

Our focus was on PadSquad’s work with?BBC America’s Thursday Night Darts, and how we achieved great results with a creative campaign that engaged the right audience with an interactive game and add-to-calendar drive for tune-in. Engagement on the ad was 1,650% greater than industry benchmarks. The record-to-VCR rate was 100% greater. It was a success, not just because it drove those numbers, but because it’s a larger proof point in how valuable creativity remains for advertisers on any medium.

Given my own ad creative background, it’s always been the basis of the amazing work we do at PadSquad, and it always will be. Advertising, no matter how technologically driven, remains most rewarding to those that respect their customers’ time and put in the necessary work on engineering creative that shines.

Creative Showcase: BBC America “Thursday Night Darts” Mosaic from PadSquad on Vimeo.

While the article focuses in on how well TV and mobile creative play together, it’s also not the only way mobile creative can be deployed successfully. PadSquad works with brands and agencies across all sectors to deliver ads that engage customers positively and politely through the mobile web.

Check out some of?our other partner successes, and as the holiday ad spend season is nearly here, talk to PadSquad about how we can enhance your next campaign with mobile rich media ads.

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