Daniel Meehan Talks Mobile Success in 2016

Consumers are demanding better experiences, because of that, UX and creative will become paramount in 2016

We are rapidly moving through a new era of content consumption, consumer interaction, and product/brand engagement. Purchases are on the fly. There is no need to stop for directions. Connections to people, places, and products are just a tap or swipe away. Consumers are gobbling up content cross-screen, and there is no slowdown in sight. Publishers and marketers are hastening to keep up with all of the changing behaviors, opportunities, and measurements. Digital envelopes the media world, and its position is all resting on the power of Mobile.

Daniel Meehan, PadSquad’s Founder + CEO, provides his “to do” list for 2016, along with a prediction or two for publishers and marketers. You have to hear the four key things to consider to ensure Mobile success in 2016, as well as Daniel’s advice on how to keep up when things are changing so quickly.

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